El Peruanito, Sangucheria

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On the 24th of June I went to the EL Peruanito  (Sandwich restaurant) with my friend Zac, this a restaurant located on Av. Angamos Este 391 – Miraflores ( not to far from ICPNA institute)

This restaurant was created 54 years ago by Mr. Luis Sánchez and his wife Rosario Aguilar.
Since it was open in Miraflores surrounded by foreigners and immigrants (Italians, Chinese, Americans) the owner decided to reaffirm his identity by calling his business: 
"EL PERUANITO" (The Peruvian)

Well, looking at the variety of the menu I eventually chose the Jamon de Pias with a cup of coffee which only cost me S/.13.00 soles. However, they also sell fruit juices and other sandwiches. 

You can also choose what to put on your sandwiches they give you options like lettuce, tomato, onions and a variety of different creams and sauces

The sandwiches here and really satisfying and at a good price and the service and atmosphere all help to make it a nice place to sit down and enjoy your breakfast.

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