October: Lord of Miracles and Turron

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October is the start of a large and important event in Peru known as “Senor de los Milagros” or Lord of Miracles at this time of year you will see a lot of people wearing purple throughout the month. 

This festival all came about in the colonial times when an Angolan slave painted the image of Jesus on the wall of hut at the Pachacamilla plantation in 1651 however in 1655 a large and devastating earthquake destroyed much of Lima but the wall was left intact while everything around it was destroyed. 

This was then seen as divine and a small chapel was built around it but bad luck came again in 1687 when another earthquake and tidal wave destroyed the chapel yet the wall was once again left intact. By 1771 the Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas was built incorporating the wall and was left in the care of Nazarene Sisters whom still to this day look after it. Large processions take place on this day with thousands of devoted followers holding an image of Jesus above their shoulders. 

Also at this time of year Turron is eaten a really sweet and delicious dessert made from anise, flour and honey. Turrones is an Arabic tradition brought to Peru by the Spanish however, there is a branch of Turron called Doña Pepa and this has a legend of its own. 

The legend goes back to the colonial times and started with an old slave named Josefa Marmanillo who was also known as “ Pepa” and the story states that she was paralyzed but was healed when she prayed to "Señor de los Milagros" (Lord of the Miracles) during its procession. In thanks to the miracle she created the dessert and gave it to the people at the procession, legend also states that when she presented the dessert the “Lord of Miracles” smiled and blessed the offering. Ever since then Limenians eat this dessert to remember the power and miracles of "Señor de los Milagros". Another version of this legend states that Josefa Marmanillo had a dream in which saints appeared to her and gave her the recipe and this is what she used to create the dessert. Whatever version of the story you may like, you will sure to fall in love with Turron and if you are looking for many varieties you can go to Tacna Avenue where there are many stores selling it.

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