Guinness World Record: LARGEST BOWL OF QUINOA

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Congratulations to the Peruvian team for achieving the Guinness Record:


The event was held in Miami (Florida, USA), the main role was played by Rosa Polo who declared to feel truly happy for the success a long with her other partners, most of them apprentice students and chefs from the Peruvian university San Ignacio de Loyola.
The challenge was to cook 500 Kilos of Quinoa and the team managed to prepare a salad of 716.35 kilos. 

Rosa Polo
"We've been working very coordinated and thank God now you can see the results" commented Polo, a Peruvian lady who's been living more than 31 years in the South of Florida.

During 24 hours, Peruvian chefs have been working on the preparation of a dish of 716. 35 kilos that finally managed to enter in the Guinness Record's book.

"Yesterday we started at 1 p.m. and during 24 hours we've been in a continues work, day and night, till now that we just finished the salad", declared Polo very excited for achieving the world record. 

The Peruvian chef also received the congratulations from the Minister of Exterior of Peru, who sent a representative to the event.

Rosa Polo also confessed: " I was convinced since the first day that we were going to achieve the record because we cared even about the minimum detail"

"587.55 kilos of quinoa was used for the preparation, among red peppers, raisins and dressing with oil" said Martínez (representative of the Guiness Record) " In this case it's been established that all the ingredients have to be prepared  for the event. We can't have any ingredient prepare beforehand, so the process of creation and cooking is a continues process" 

The even was held at the campus in Florida International University ( FIU), also had the support of the Peruvian consul in Miami, Cesar Bustamante, and some other local authorities like Luigi Boria, Major of the city of Doral where the campus is located. 

At the end, the guests could enjoy the Quinoa salad and the rest was distributed among two charities institutions in Miami.  

Source: El Comercio 

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