The legend of the Fox - Peru

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An interesting legend from Peru tells of how a foxes came to have large mouths, the story begins with a fox which at the time had a small mouth and did not like to gossip as the fox walked through the fields one day he came across a huaychao (a species of bird) singing in the trees. Fascinated by the flute-like beak this bird possessed, the fox pleaded to the bird to allow him to use the beak as he liked the sound it made and he promised that he would be careful. 

The bird refused and refused but the fox was persistent and continued to plea eventually the bird gave up and allowed the fox to play it. The bird gave some advice to the fox, the advice was that the fox should sew the beak onto his mouth so it would fit correctly so that is what the fox did. The fox then merrily played the flute around the field till the bird asked for it back which the fox refused. The bird continued to plea and offered a deal, the fox however, continued to refuse. The fox continued to play and play waking up animals and attracted them all over the fields to come to the hill where he played. The animals began to dance around the fox, this caused the fox to laugh uncontrollably and in an outburst of laughter he ripped open his mouth leaving a wide gapping mouth that reached his ears. The beak fell before him but before he could reach for it the bird reclaimed it and flew off. It is said because of the betrayal and distrust that the fox created, they were punished with large mouths.

By: GringoPeru

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