Peruvian hairless dog

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There is a well know breed of dogs called “perro Peruano sin pelo” (Peruvian hairless dog) or “perro calato” (naked dog) whose origins comes from Peruvian pre-Inca cultures like Chimú, Moche, and Vicus.

The word “Calato” comes from the quechua word “q'ala” that means naked. According to the investigations, this breed arrived to Peru in the years 300 B.C. and took a very important place in myths, legends and artistic works among pre-Inca cultures.

Ceramic from Sican culture
Chancay culture

 About the breed: 

They are agile and fast, and many of them enjoy sight-hunting small rodents.

They are very smart, sociable and adore to play with children! They are perfect pets for allergic persons. There are strange cases in which some of these puppies are born with some hair on the head, but it’s only necessary to brush regularly and it will not fall.

The temperature of its body is three degrees higher than humans due to it is forced to raise its body temperature to compensate for the loss of heat through the naked skin.

Peruvian dog as part of the Independence day parade

Although its hairless characteristic bring positive benefits for the owner, there is one important thing that we have to keep in mind: The sun. Peruvian dogs need to cover their skin with a sun blocker just like we do. Remember to protect them from the strong rays of the sun and apply cream on them after each walk.

 Important dates: 

The Peruvian dog was discovered in 1987 next to the tomb of  Lord of Sipan. The skeleton of the animal was next to the skeletons of the servants and the concubines. In the ceremonies prepared by the Incas to worship the moon, Peruvian black dogs were always present. They were much protected animals because ancient Peruvian considered them guides of the souls that travelled to other worlds. 

It is recognised as part of Peruvian national identity and as a race native to Peru. 

The Peruvian hairless dog was declared Patrimony of the Nation in 2011 by the Congress of the Republic of Peru.

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