History of Peruvian Flag Day

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Every June 7th, the "Flag Day" is celebrated in honour of the Battle of Arica (1880), in which approximately 1,900 men defended the patriotic territory commanded by Colonel Francisco Bolognesi.

Every June 7, the country remembers the resistance of the Peruvian forces and the defence of the Morro de Arica, which occurred in 1880, as part of the War of the Pacific (1879-1883). Colonel Francisco Bolognesi and Alfonso Ugarte participated in the battle, but also more than 1,800 soldiers who fought against the Chilean army to defend the national territory. For this historic event is celebrated every year Flag Day.

The War had entered a new period. After the naval combats at Punta Angamos, Punta Gruesa and Iquique, the enemy advanced unopposed after the subsequent defeat in Alto de la Alianza and the flight of the Bolivian army.

The city of Tacna had been besieged by Chileans who had more than 5,000 men and were better equipped with weapons and supplies. Colonel Bolognesi had taken command of that place and, despite all the adversities, agreed with the officers' board to defend the Morro and to resist as much as possible.

The antagonist, Chilean general Baquedano then sent Major Jose de la Cruz Salvo to request Bolognesi surrender, aware that his forces and troops were immensely superior. After the meeting, in which the other 14 members of that staff defended the country, the colonel said the well-known and celebrated words:

 "I have sacred duties to fulfill and I will fulfill them until I burn the last cartridge."

Alfonso Ugarte, who was in command of the eighth Peruvian division, also remained in history after jumping down a cliff with the Peruvian flag to prevent it being taken by the enemies.

The battle had serious consequences for the country. There were 700 dead and more than 1,000 wounded, taken as prisoners.

Bolognesi Square

Based on this event, June 7 of every year was instituted as Flag Day to remember the effort and heroism of Peruvians, despite the adversity that had to face and which was part of the enemy and the own Government of the time.
In this day, the public, private institutions, schools and others choose to flutter the flag of the country, authorities also hold an official ceremony at Bolognesi Square.

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