Nuna: The Last Myth of the Wamany

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The Andean mountain range is immersed in eternal winter; the children are disappearing and not even the scissor dancers or their spirits can seem to stop it. Yaku, a scissor dancer´s apprentice, will be forced to travel to the Andean spiritual world to recover his younger brother. Meanwhile, his grandfather, the Danzak Arístides, will do whatever it takes to free the Amaru, the powerful spirit of the weather, before it falls in the wrong hands.

NUNA is a Peruvian animated movie produced by Ciela Prado and Carhuas, also script co-authors, based on the elements of myth and legends that surrounds the Peruvian highlands.

The movie in an early pre-production stage, is mainly financed by Origami Studio. It won a development award from the DAFO Peruvian Film Fund. Fonica Studio, a Lima’s sound post-production company, is also involved in the project.

“This would be the first time a Peruvian feature film uses a mostly 2D technique, which means an opening for this type of animation’s market,” Prado said to One of the producers’ ambitions is to set up workshops in Peru to train 2D animators, since the country currently has a majority of 3D-specialists, she added.
Initially conceived as a short film, “Nuna” became a feature film production in 2013. Now, it forms part of a trans-media project, which could incorporate video games and apps.

There are great hopes for this movie due to the increase of Peruvian productions that are having the support and recognition that previously did not favour them. Furthermore, Peru is a country full of cultural diversity and rich in folklore.

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