Cacaosuyo - Best chocolate in the world

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This time I wanna share  some great news with you!!!!!  Since I'm 50% Peruvian I feel totally proud of this new title. Peru has a great potential in the choco-Industry. Their organics products are as good as Swiss chocolate brands and this award proved!  

At the International Chocolate Awards 2015, Peruvian chocolate company Cacaosuyo was awarded best chocolate in the world, among other awards.

It was Cacaosuyo’s Piura Milk bar that took home the best of the best prize, defeating the competitive Swiss chocolate brands.

In addition to winning the best in the world, the Cacaosuyo company won Gold – Chocolate Maker; Gold – Directly Traded; Gold – Growing Country and Gold – Organic.

“Today not only chocolate is exported but it is being marketed in the local market due to demand by the Peruvian consumer, who is educating their palate and wants to enjoy a good chocolate with high percentages of cacao which is also beneficial for health,” said Samir Giha, CEO of Theobroma, the chocolate factory that creates Cacaosuyo, reports Perú21.

In April this year Piura’s chocolate stood out in Seattle, Washington at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Fair. The ceremony awarded Theo Chocolate and Peruvian cacao the Best New Product and People’s Choice in Food Category.

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