Parque de La Amistad - “Friendship Park”

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Located off Benavides Avenue and just behind the Ricardo Palma University you will find a place called “Parque de La Amistad”which can be translated to the “Friendship Park”. This park spans a 30,000 m2 area and the first thing you will see even before you enter this park is the large arch but I will mention more about this a little later in the article.
Well you all will be happy that the park is free to enter (open from Tuesday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm) and as soon as you enter you will see the park is laid out in a circuit, there are also ATM’s close to the entrance just in case you need to take out some money and near these is a children’s play area with swings and slides. 

Now if you go straight ahead you will spot a red bridge (built by the American Bridge Company in 1907).

Beyond that you will find a building called “Centro Cultural Augusto B Leguia” which is the cultural centre in which art is displayed and other events take place here. The building is in the style of the old “Casas Haciendas” and the wood that makes up the columns and the roof are from the port of Callao which were once used in an old structure that was built in 1929.  

Now continuing on your circuit you will eventually arrive to the artificial lagoon here you can watch the ducks and the swans, there is also a paddle boat that you may take to check around the lagoon. I did not take it but the website says that it will cost 5 soles. 
Next to the lagoon is a small passage way this will lead you to many food carts that are selling traditional food and desserts that you can tuck into, you can also buy coffee and ice cream all depending on the weather or on your choosing.

Another popular attraction is the steam train and like most of the items or attractions in the park have a historical context to them. First of all the train will cost you 4 soles and you take it in a small train station located next to a restaurant inside the park. The train station is decorated with accessories of Peru’s locomotive history. The train itself is from 1926 and has 3 wagons that you can sit in and it will take you around the park passing the main attractions.  
Also remember to read the post that is around the park, it will give you an insight of the historical importance of the attractions, I was surprised with some of the history behind some of the attractions.

Now the main attraction is the large arch standing at 29 meters, you cannot simply miss it. 
The arch is in the style similar to that used by the Moors but this is not the originally but a replica so what happened to the originally?

The originally one was never in the same place but was located on Leguía Avenue now known as Arequipa Avenue and was a gift from Spain and was inaugurated  in 1924 but due to modernization of Lima it was demolished in 1939 under the government of Oscar R. Benavides. He claimed that it would cause problems with the traffic. The construction of the new arch started in 2000 and was finished by 2001 and inaugurated by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos and his wife Sofia. 

You can enter this arch and walk up the staircase to the top and see a spectacular view across Surco and it will cost you 2 soles to enter. 

After walking around this nice park you can take the weight off your feet and just take in the surroundings and let time pass, in my opinion it is nice to see a little greenery among the concrete. There is a pizza place also located in the park and a restaurant however, these can be a little pricy and I would recommend that you go to one of many restaurants that can be found just outside the park. 

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