Peruvian Military Parade

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Happy Independence Day

29th of July is an important public holiday which marks the independence of Peru (known as Fiestas Patrias) which was declared in 1821. During the days before this event takes place you will see many Peruvian flags being put out during this time businesses, homes and schools.  

This is obligatory and some districts of Lima will impose a fine for those that do not fly the flag. 
The first day of this event the 28th is started by a mass called Te Deum conducted by the Archbishop of Lima this is usually around 9 am. 

(Ollanta Humala, current president of Perú and his ministers) 

It is also tradition that on this day the Peruvian president must address the nation about the nation’s progress to that point; this was established by the liberator Jose de San Martin. Also.

On the 29th there is a large military parade that passes through Lima Downtown where Peru shows its military hardware and soldiers, these soldiers are from all kinds of divisions and from all over the country.  There is a military fly over with planes and helicopters involved. 

Now this event is not only military this is also to pay respects to police force and fire fighters even on occasion the police K9 unit passes and the dogs are always willing to put on a show for their fans, also this year the students of the program "Beca 18" were part of the parade (social program run by the government that seeks to help young people that can't afford to pay for an university or institute). It can get very busy in this part of Lima on this day so if you do not wish to watch it in person the parade will be displayed on many TV channels.

Overall, the most important is to share a moment with your family,friends or as a foreigner just admire and learn a bit more about Peruvian history! 

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