Groot in Peru

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Groot has touched down in Perú! in Cuzco to be precise. This sculpture was created by students from ""Escuela de Bellas Artes de Cusco" (Diego Quispe Tito)   and it's made of recycle materials.  Although this piece of art was not display in the parade of the institute it was given recognition by the director of the movie (James Gun) who posted pictures on his facebook and twitter.

Sadly a lot of art work like this are lost; however, due to the popularity of this piece it will be preserved and put on display in the gallery of the institution where it was made.


To promote tourism, Groot is now available to the public, you can find it in Checacupe, 80 Km from Cusco....don't miss the opportunity to visit it when you're around!

Photo credit to: Cusco desde El Lente de Mi Camara

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