Maiz morado ...Peruvian Purple Corn

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When travelling to Peru you will hear of a drink called Chicha Morada and even a dessert called Mazamorra Morada, this colour is not artificial but is from the purple maize that grows here.

When I came from England I had never heard if purple maize in my life only yellow, what gives it this colour is the anthocyanins which the maize is really rich in.

This maize was used long before the Spanish and the Inca’s were in the area now known as Peru and scientists put the consumption of maize at 3000 and 1800 B.C or  5,000 years ago.

Many people believe that this maize has properties that are good for the health ranging for example blood pressure.

Although there is now substitutions for purple maize in Peru you can easily start to tell the different between what is real and what is not. So come and check it out and start making your Chicha Morada today or if you wish something sweet and warm for this winter, you could try the Mazamorra Morada.

Next time I'll post a video about how to cook your own Mazamorra Morada =D

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