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El Chinito an awesome place to buy breakfast!! This little piece I shall talk about "El Chinito" a sanguchería (sandwich restaurant) here in Lima, this place was set up in  1960 and has gained a good reputation.
Everything started in 1960 when Don Felix opened a Sangucheria in downtown Lima . The quality of his products, friend's meetings and familiar reunion as well as the charisma of Don Felix became his trademark. Over time, that Sangucheria became famous . And everyone called El Chinito .
"El Chinito" was characterized by offering the best traditional sandwiches, with recipes that were gradually perfected by Don Felix. The restaurant created an atmosphere that was pleasant which meant that presidents, ministers, doctors, policemen and taxi drivers felt at home in "El Chinito": all around a delicious and traditional Peruvian "sánguche" (spanish word for sandwich)

So after watching a report about the best places to eat a "Chicharron", the family here in Peru and I decided to go to check it out.

Now since this place is very popular (specially the traditional restaurant  located in Jr. Chancay 894, downtown Lima) it has a lot of people wanting to eat there, so be prepared to cue for about thirty minutes or so but it is well worth the wait.

What makes this place sooooooooooo good, well ... here they serve large pork and even turkey sandwiches they come with sweet potato and an onion salad (sorry I couldn't take pictures of the other sandwiches the family ordered, food was too delicious that they didn't wait for the photo lol )

Although it is a little expensive here I would say go once and I am sure you will enjoy it. ( A face that express more than a thousand words xD)
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