From Bradford to Lima, Peru

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Why did I come here? Well, that has a simple answer...LOVE
Well everything started in 2011 when I met Princess (that's the nickname I use to call her and plus, she'd kill me If I mention here name) on Interpals (a website to exchange culture and meet new people). I was a lonely ranger, I didn't have many friends in Bradford (North of England) also my studies weren't going as I planned so I tried to forget about everything and make some new friends who could cheer me up and help me to find my place in this world.
From some random pictures I clicked on her name, sent her a message  and then a day after she replay to me. We started talking, sharing information about her country, and little by little she became into an extraordinary friend, I didn't want to lose her...
Everything happened very fast, we had lot of interested on common, I couldn't help to fall in love with her. So one day I decided to make the magical question: "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" I thought she might saw me as crazy, How could I possible propose something like that living so far from her? My heart was almost dying till she replayed "YES".
After that my life changed completely. I spent several nights awake just to talk to her (different time zone, 6 hours). I wanted to study, I wanted to work, anything that could make me get closer to her.
Of course, with the recession in England things were going from bad to worst, so I had to take a choice...wait 5 years to be with her (till I finish my career and find a decent job) or just take my bag and travel to Peru to be with the love of my life....yes I decided to move to Peru.
she advised me to take a course of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreigner Language)  to at least have an opportunity as an English teacher.
It took  me 3 months to get everything ready (my visa, birth certificate, TEFL course and get some money)... I had some fights at home with my father (He didn't  believe I was moving to Peru till the day He saw my flight ticket) but thanks to my elder brother Steven I managed to explain my father and got his permission. I knew I had nothing to lose in England but I had a lot to win in Peru. I knew it was true love, I trusted her and she trusted me so... finally I landed in Peru on March 16th 2012.
I kept my promise, I came to stay with her...the rest about how I met her family and set up my feet here is another loooooooooooooooong story.......... but this is sort of how I met her and what made me take the decision to move to Peru and I don't regret it at all!

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