INVITA PERU - Gastronomic Festival

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From the 20th to the 29th of June Invita Peru open its door to the many tourist (Peruvian and foreigners) who want to come and enjoy the marvellous food and music of Peru.
This event is also know as a small "Mistura", this event is held in the Exposition Park  (Parque de la Exposición, Av. 28th of July with Av. Garcilazo de la Vega) . 
This event lasts for ten days and allows you to explore all kinds of different foods for the traditional to the exotic also here you can try out many kinds of desserts and drinks. (Above you can see a picture of "Picarones" a dessert made of sweet potato and pumpkin cover in "chancaca" it's like syrup)
 The most popular I believe is always the traditionally cooked pork which is cooked in the open over wood or charcoal, also there's smoked pork and pork cooked in a cylinder... the possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking in Peru.

You will also get to see a live performance by one of Peru’s musical artists, when I went I managed to see Pelo d'Ambrosio for the second time. Pelo d'Ambrosio is famous for his folk, pop, rock music and Andean fusion music.
(The drink I'm holding in this pictures is called "Machu Picchu Sour")
Of course you can't leave the event without sampling some of Peru's finest Pisco, here you can buy a wide range of cocktails ...although this event started in 2011 and may not have the reputation of "Mistura" it's quickly growing and becoming a well-known and well loved event.
I would recommend this event as a starter to all newcomers who wish to get a glimpse of Peruvian gastronomy, I'd definitely come again next year!

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