Peruvian New Year Superstitions and Traditions

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New Year is coming up fast and Peru is full of traditions and superstitions, here are some you may or may not have heard of. Tell me if I have missed some:

1. Placing lentils into your pockets at midnight, and wishing for money whilst doing so.
2. Dressing up a large doll or effigy (sometimes stuffed with fireworks) with old clothes and burning it on the street. This signifies getting rid of the old, and making a new start.
Lighting colored candles.
3.Wearing new clothes—typically underwear. This typically goes hand-in-hand with wearing specific colors that represent something you desire in the upcoming year: Yellow for luck and happiness, green for money, red for love, and white for health or fertility.
4. Eating 12 grape as the clock strikes 12 to bring luck to every month of the year.
5. If you want to travel in the upcoming year, you should take a suitcase or briefcase and carry it around the block on New Year's Eve.

PS: As you will see the markets will turn yellow

By: GringoPerú

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