Islands of Pachacámac

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If you travel down South of Lima to a place called Lurin and look out to the ocean you will see the Islands of Pachacámac (aka Islands of Cavillaca), it is said that these islands have a legend about their origin. There was once a beautiful goddess called Cavillaca, many tried to gain her affection but she refused and never accepted anyone. However, one day while knitting under a Lucuma tree, a god (in some legends it is stated that he is part demon) by the name of Cuniraya, who also desired her arrived. So to gain her affection he converted into a beautiful bird and flew to the tree and deposited his semen in one of the lucuma’s and made it fall close to the Cavillaca. Thinking nothing of it Cavillaca ate the fruit and became pregnant. After nine months she gave birth to a baby boy and when it reached the age of one, she and other gods had a reunion to discover who the father was. Cuniraya also attended this meeting but disguised as a beggar, when she asked who was the father all the god even Cuniraya remained quiet. So she put the baby to the floor and he crawled to his father and climbed on his lap, feeling ashamed she ran with her child to the beach, crying and shouting. She did not notice that Cuniraya was following her behind, removing his rags and unveiling a handsome god. She then jumped into the sea where she and her son turned into the islands, the little island is said to be the son and is known as “Isla San Francisco” (Island San Francisco). 

The largest island is now used as a marine base and has laboratories that serve to study oceanography and other studies relating to marine biology.

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