Landing in Peru

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The night leaving England was an interesting experience for me as I was going to leave my parents and my family for the first time in my life. I was wished good luck from my sibling and the night I was packing my suitcase I struggled to fit my flute into the case so my brother helped me and around 3 am I left my house with my parents and my eldest brother. 
We travelled to the airport and waited for the plane and the last moments I said goodbye to my parents, I can never forget how my father looked, he had the expression like he could not believe it was happening. Well now this was interesting moment I had never been on an aeroplane before so I bored with Paddington wrapped up in my bag off I went. When I landed in Amsterdam I was puzzled about what to do so I headed towards the gate that was stated on my ticket and sure enough I was at the right gate, there were loads of Peruvians waiting for the same flight.
This is where the boredom started waiting for two hours for the plane and when it arrived I was sat near the window like an excited kid at Christmas I waited for it to take off, this excitement shortly died after nine hours of flying and all I saw was blue. As I arrived towards Peru, I heard the pilot saying we were going to land and the people in the plane all started clapping.
Now I know due to altitude and all that causes things to happen but I never expected to feel like my teeth were going to explode and my ears hurt. Now inside the airport was a funny experience trying the task of finding my beautiful princess well first of all my suitcase which I was sure they lost as it took ages to turn up and when it arrived I panicked wonder where my princess was, so I took my laptop out and tried to send a message or something on those lines now that I think back I think I looked crazy.
I proceeded in getting through the crowds and immigrations to search for the Interbank and once I saw it I headed towards it like my life depended on it with that in mind and suddenly I felt a punch in my back in that moment I quickly turned around and what I found was the most beautiful person in the world and my story in Peru began.

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