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Memories of a British man
Growing up for like everyone else came with its trails and it good and funny moments. I was born on a council estate called Canterbury with my five brothers and two sisters, having three older brothers was never easy because we all know what bullies they can be even though saying that I am an older brother to my younger siblings.
 I attended Southmere Primary school with my sibling’s and later we moved to another school that sadly is no longer there Undercliffe Primary School.
My memories are somewhat vague when it comes to Southmere but Undercliffe Primary School always leaves me with nostalgic memories that I treasure for me in that school the teachers were often nice and thoughtful and although I never had many friends I was not bothered to much.
I had one friend in particular that was my first true best friend and though times have changed us I see him as my best friend. Other memories that come back to me are when my brothers and I being taken to school by my dad or mum trudging through snow or battling the rain or taking the shortcut through the graveyard and looking at the old tombs that were there, the memories are too numerous.
One other memory I would share goes back to 2001 when I was hit by a car, the fact of being hit by a car is not the best part but the moments after I remember staying in the hospital there I made two hospital friends I say this because after we did not see each other or hear from each other again. When I got home one of my older brothers whom I was close to me looked after me, I will always remember the time because it was Halloween and I remember the pumpkin that lit up the living room and how I my brother and I spent all night watching moves, messing around and cooking eggs at 3 am.
The years that followed were not the best ones in my life and that is when I started secondary school I shall not go into too much details as that was the most miserable time in my life (I guess the picture on the right describe well why). After I went to college which I enjoyed studying science and I headed to university which was unsuccessful however, all these things made me…me and all the mistakes the trails and the laughter lead me here where I am happy.

"You can suffer the pain of change
or suffer remaining the way you are"
 Joyce Meyer

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