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A place called Bradford!

A little about my hometown, I come from city that is not heard of much outside the UK the name of my city is Bradford it is a city that in comparison to Lima is tiny with a population of 522,500.
Bradford is located in the North of England in the Metropolitan Borough of Yorkshire, Bradford is like most towns in England very old and my city was once was the envy of the world with the textile industries however, times changed and the industry disappeared which left the city in a state of decline. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s racial tension ran high throughout the city with the ethnic minorities eventually leading two riots that damage the city not just physically but damaged the reputation which also made business leave.
Then around 2011 the recession hit further making Bradford a city not really worth living in, in my humble opinion.
These days the council of Bradford is trying to renovate the city with large scale projects for example the large abandoned factories that are a common site are now being converted into flats and office buildings and commercial centres are now being built in the city centre.
As you may have read I painted the city in such a gloomy context but this is how I saw my city growing up and I was soo happy to leave it all behind but I do believe and I have faith that my city will one day be something to be proud of.
I would like to add that the Borough of Yorkshire is another story; to me Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful places in England with locations like Malham and Ikley to the Yorkshire Wold, if you love to walk and breathe fresh air or if you just want to escape the cities…. Go to Yorkshire!!

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